Extra lessons are not bad at all

The blanket ban on extra and holiday lessons by Government is an ill-advised move which will disadvantage some of the very people that it is meant to protect — learners. I acknowledge that many schools and individual teachers have abused the need for remedial and extra lessons to exhort money out of hapless parents. A situation where extra and holiday lessons are mandatory for all students, especially those sitting for public exams, is an outright scam, more so when viewed in the light of dismal pass rates where only about 20 percent of learners managed to attain a minimum of five O Level passes in 2013.


Created: 16 April 2014




Teacher impregnates pupil demands DNA tests

A teacher at Majiji High School in Matabeleland North reportedly had sexual intercourse with a pupil and impregnated her and later asked her to conceal the matter.Mxolisi Mhlanga who was an Agriculture, Bible Knowledge and Divinity teacher allegedly proposed love to the pupil, Tracey Ngwenya, 22 and had sex with her many times in the school’s storeroom, in the bush and near a river in  Bubi.  That was in 2012 when she was 20.


Created: 15 April 2014




Civil servants backdated salaries doubtful:MP

BULAWAYO South MP Eddie Cross has warned that the government may fail to pay civil servants after it awarded them an increment backdated to January.


Created: 15 April 2014





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