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The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA), is the largest teacher trade union in Zimbabwe representing at least 44 000 members across Zimbabwe. Our members are educators drawn from primary schools, secondary schools, and heads of schools, college lecturers, education officers and the education personnel. ZIMTA is an authentic organization whose governance is guided by a constitution. All elected national executive members are voted into office every 4 years in a manner that guarantees democracy, transparency and accountability.


ZIMTA was established in 1942 with the main aim of mobilizing all teachers so that they can speak with one voice. Educators who subscribe to ZIMTA membership receive a number of benefits. Chief among these are negotiated worker’s salaries and legal advice as matters of priority.


In addition to programmes that benefit members directly, ZIMTA   seeks to influence the education policy in Zimbabwe through submitting evidence that assists in decision making processes.


ZIMTA is an apolitical organization which is affiliated to other local and international organizations. Education International (EI), Pan African Teachers' Centre (PATC), Laraforbundent and The Southern African Teachers Organisation (SATO)   are some of the international and regional organisations that ZIMTA works with.





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