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 Provincial Women Representatives say they are ready to take up leadership posts within the trade union once given the chance.


Created: 03 March 2015


 The women representatives from all the 10 ZIMTA provinces gathered on Saturday 28 February in Harare to draft a Gender Policy which will be presented and finalized at the National Conference, due in April The women aired out their expectations and also promised to work towards getting to the top, where they want to influence all key union decisions.
Mrs. Sanisai Kafudza a teacher at Shashville Primary School in Mashonaland Central said she is very prepared and geared to take up such leadership posts such as the President or Secretary General because there is no difference between men and women when it comes to such posts,” I am very ready to take such posts, I am prepared to get experience and I have learnt from Mrs. Tendai Chikowore who has already been there and has showed us the way,” she said.
Mashonaland Central Provincial Women Represantative,Mrs Sanisai Kafudza.
 The teachers said that families and husbands should support their wives when they want to take up such posts in the association because if discouragement comes from the family one will have no confidence, ‘I am very geared to take up the leadership posts and I don’t have any hindrances because my family is very supportive and I have the zeal to be a leader,”said Mrs. Chitau from Mashonaland East.
Mashonaland East Provincial Women Represantative,Mrs Nyarai Chitau.
In an interview, Mrs. Faith Mangane Provincial Women Representative for Manicaland province concurred with the women’s call for inclusion in leadership and taking over leadership posts posts in the organization, she said she was very ready to take up a leadership post personally because it will be  a chance to upgrade other women in the society and women can perform more than one duty at a time which makes women a special group of people who are superior. “As a woman I feel that nothing can stop me from getting to that high post, because when women are in leadership positions they look back to where they came from and they will be able to empower other women especially those from the grassroots,” she said.
On a different note, some of the women expressed disappointment with the attitude of fellow women who had “a pull her down syndrome” and also other male colleagues who had become a stumbling block to women’s empowerment. They said, at the end of it all, it was important to support each other and also adhere to fair play.
Mrs Sukoluhle Maphosa who teaches at Mwele Secondary school and is the Provincial Women Representative for Matabeleland South advocated for a fair representation of both males and females in the association. She said,“ most of the decisions that we come up with are looked down upon by our male colleagues probably for the reason that we are women. The moment women bring up points they are immediately crushed and they are told to get real.”
“There is lack of unity in us women and it seems women do not want to uplift each other when it comes to leading roles, as women we should support each other in everything”, said Mrs Ngwenya Bulawayo Women Representative.
Bulawayo Provincial Women Represantative,Mrs D. Ngwenya
The 10 women reps from ten ZIMTA provinces are expected to report back to their provinces on the contents of gender policy document. They are also expected to gather other women and male activists to discuss further on the implications of having a gender policy in ZIMTA.
Generally, there are more women than men in the teaching profession, but when it comes to leadership in the trade union, it is dominated by the male teachers.The women teachers say they want to be included.




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