What is ZIMTA about?

The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association, (ZIMTA), is a professional trade union organization that seeks to protect and advocate for the rights of teachers. It oversees their socio-economic and professional needs. It advocates for the relevant and quality public education for all. ZIMTA was established with the aim of mobilizing all teachers to speak with one voice, to improve and enhance the stature and value of the teaching profession and the quality of education.

Who can be a member of ZIMTA?

Membership to ZIMTA is open to:


. Every registered teacher, certified, licensed or authorized to teach.


. All student teachers earning a salary for at least 12 consecutive months.


. Lecturers in colleges and universities in Zimbabwe.


. Education administration personnel.

Why should I join ZIMTA?

ZIMTA is a stable teachers’ trade union which has been in existence since 1942. It has grown from strength to strength and since then, some milestone achievement s has been recorded.


ZIMTA milestone achievements include.


. Payment of all teachers’ salaries by the state.


. Vacation and sick leave with pay.


. Educators’ pension and gratuities.


. Providing quality public education for all.


. Consultations with MOESC/MOHATE.


. Involvement in educational policy, formulation, implementation and education.


. Maternity leave with 100 percent salary.


. Awarding of bonus to all educators.


.  Recognition of staff associations.


. 1987 single teaching service.


. Salary review consultations.

Is ZIMTA an authentic organization?

ZIMTA is an authentic organization which works with other local organizations such as the APEX Council of civil service that negotiates under the provisions of S.I 141 of 1997, and is responsible for the collective bargaining for civil servants. It also works with other international organizations such as the Southern Africa Teachers’ Organization (SATO), comprising Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. ZIMTA is affiliated to Education International EI which has more than 30 million members that influence education policy and educators’ conditions of service. It works with The Civil Alliance for Social and Economic Progress and has cordial working relationships with other non-governmental organizations.


In Zimbabwe ZIMTA remains the largest and longest serving educators’ trade union. It is a stable, apolitical organization with the largest membership currently at 44 000. It is equally and fairly represented in all the countries ten provinces and districts.

What activities or benefits are provided by ZIMTA to its members?

. ZIMTA’s activities seek to benefit society at large but more importantly its members.


ZIMTA member benefits include but are not limited to the following:


. Industrial collective bargaining for better salaries, allowances and conditions of service.


. Welfare and central legal protection, litigation, protection against arbitrary firings, transfers and unfair    treatment of educators.


. Educators’ development programs.


. Housing Schemes.


. Monthly circulars and newsletters.


. Instant loans with amounts varying per province.


. Funeral and ZIMTA membership termination benefits.


. Assistance with HIV/Aids patients.


. Grievance handling.


. Credit Schemes and


. Free member’s quarterly Teacher’s Magazine.




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