Teachers celebrated in Style

‘Teachers are at the center of this particular transformation and transformation cannot be complete if the teacher is not respected and is not well paid. The transformation cannot be complete if the teacher is incapacitated because it is only through a capacitated teacher that we improve and come up with a great teaching and learning experience in the classroom.’

The ZIMTA President Mr. Richard Gundani said this while addressing teachers at the celebration of the national World Teachers Day held in Mashonaland Central on 08 October 2022.

“Any nation that loves their learners will begin by loving their teachers, any nation that wants learners to be successful will capacitate the teachers so that they are competent. We would like to make a call to government for it to respect teachers and the teaching as a profession because teaching is not a vocation but a profession that must be professionalized.”

He added that transformation was needed because of the emerging realities on the ground.

“Our education must be transformed because climate change is a reality and we need to change our method because of the new realities on the ground. As new development plans come the education system must also be transformed. Our education system must begin to talk about innovation, competences and give more attention to skills development.”

In his keynote address, the ZIMTA President also talked about more funding being needed for the education system. He said, “Government must increase funding to education, 13% is not enough for our sector because it won’t cater enough for our salaries thus a higher percentage is much better as it can provide and cater for all the necessary stuff needed.”

WTD is celebrated annually worldwide on 5 October to commemorate the significance and role played by educators in the education sector. ZIMTA held its belated national celebrations on 08 October 2022 at Mt Darwin High School located in Mash Central.

The proceedings started off with a colorful procession of a march from Mt Darwin town to Mt Darwin High School along with drum majorettes and a police band to wow the crowd.

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