ZIMTA readies for elective conference

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) is preparing for its 39th conference, which is expected to usher in a new leadership for the largest civil service employees association.

About 200 constitutionally appointed delegates from across the country’s 10 provinces are set to attend the elective conference.

In an interview yesterday, ZIMTA chief executive Dr Sifiso Ndlovu said preparations for the 39th national annual conference were going on smoothly, despite concerns by some members of the organisation.

Four members now facing disciplinary action, Mr Tendeukayi Mukurunge, Mr Albert Mukando, Mr Jameson Mundava and Mr Promise Keti, addressed a media briefing in Harare on Monday, where they alleged that the tenure of the ZIMTA leadership had expired a while ago.

But Dr Ndlovu dismissed the allegations as “unfounded, vexatious and libelous”.

“The four are undergoing some disciplinary hearings in the association and it is sad that they have decided to misuse their anger and to misrepresent information in an association which they still want to be part of,” said Dr Ndlovu.

“We are shocked by the level of malice and mudslinging that the four have decided to indulge in.”

Zimta is a large union that is not only governed by law-abiding professionals, but also properly inducted personnel who follow procedures, processes and the constitution, said Dr Ndlovu.

Information at hand alleges that Messrs Mukurunge, Mukando and Mundava violated the ZIMTA constitution, according to a letter written by the association’s president, Mr Richard Gundane.

In part, the letter reads: “Whereas, upon information and belief, the national executive has determined that in the course of year 2022 to about June 2023, members, Mr Tendeukayi Mukurunge, Mr Albert Mukando, Mr Jameson Mundava, violated the Zimta constitution by conducting themselves in a manner that is harmful and prejudicial to the interest of the association.”

“Whereas the national executive and its constituent committee are clothed with powers to discipline an errant member, it hereby appoints the welfare and disciplinary committee to institute disciplinary process as provisioned by the constitution. This being a unanimous decision of the national executive in its minute reference 3.1 of 10 June 2023.”

Dr Ndlovu advised members stop jockeying for posts and wait for the elective conference set for Harare.


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