ZIMTA expels ‘rogue members’

The Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) 39th Extraordinary National Conference expelled three members for gross violation of the organisation’s constitution following due disciplinary processes which found them wanting.

The conference was held between Sunday and Tuesday in Harare, where a new National Executive was elected in a peaceful atmosphere.

Tendeukayi Mukurunge, Albert Mukando, and Jameson Mundava were expelled by the conference which passed a resolution to sack the rogue members.

The trio, between 2022 and June 2023, violated the ZIMTA constitution by conducting themselves in a manner that is harmful and prejudicial to the interest of the association.

Following months of procedural disciplinary processes, Mukurunge, Mukando, and Mundava were found guilty by the Welfare and Disciplinary Committee.

ZIMTA chief executive officer Dr Sifiso Ndlovu said the association was law-abiding and respects its regulations.

“Here are members who have been dragging the name of the organisation, saying malicious and fabricated statements; lying to everyone that ZIMTA does not do conferences yet their names are on the previous registers.

“They tell people that we are not audited, but nothing can be further from the truth. We are one of the best-run union bodies and we are not shy to subject ourselves to a test,” he said.

Dr Ndlovu said Mukurunge, Mukando and Mundava underwent due process and were given a chance to defend themselves.

“They told us that they don’t respect internal processes. Then, if you can’t do that you don’t belong to that organisation. The final verdict was clear; they were wrong and fit to be expelled.

“We are saying to them they can take their subscriptions and go work with those who want to. We don’t want to work with rogues.

“However, there is room for them to appeal, they can appeal if they want.”

Past ZIMTA president Richard Gundane said there was a strong union constitution, which must be upheld by every member.

“The expelled members were found wanting,” he said.

The new ZIMTA president Akuneni Maphosa said those who were expelled “put themselves in that situation by violating association laws”.

“We did fair hearings but they ignored the formal processes and a decision was made. The conference upheld the disciplinary committee decision to expel the members,” he said.





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