Innovate to be relevant in changing times: ZIMTA CEO

THE Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA) Chief Executive Officer Dr Sifiso Ndlovu has challenged the union’s leaders and managers to transform to match the rapid changes in innovation and corporate governance matrixes.

In his opening remarks at the ongoing ZIMTA National Executive and staff induction, Dr Ndlovu said turbulent times call for an approach that puts members at the centre of representation and service.

His presentation was done under the theme: “Corporate Governance in Leading and Directing ZIMTA”.

Dr Ndlovu said: “As leaders you must transform this organisation to stay relevant and competitive amidst unprecedented change, but you must do so in a manner that guides the members and workforce to opportunities and prosperity.

He went on: “As ZIMTA leaders and managers the questions you must ask, and answer are-: How is the leadership landscape shifting? What behaviours most effectively drive organisations and society to a more sustainable, inclusive future?”

The ZIMTA CEO said there were rapid transformations, where the boundaries of innovation were perpetually expanding, and decisions had to be made quickly.

Dr Ndlovu said under such circumstances, corporate governance was not a mere concept but a beacon that directs leaders toward effective stewardship, unwavering commitment, and exemplary leadership.

“This brings us to the subject of governance, risk management, and compliance, or GRC, an umbrella term used to describe an organisation’s approach towards these three spheres of business. GRC are three interconnected pillars of the practice and process of managing an organisation of people and resources. Putting people at the centre means investing in the knowledge, skills, and mindsets required to navigate the complexities of today and tomorrow,” he added.

As leaders, Dr Ndlovu said, there was a need to foster the ethos of resilience and tenacity.

He said in challenging times, instead of grumbling, leaders must see opportunities for growth and learning.

“Let us drive forward with the assurance that our collective efforts and individual competencies are the gears that turn the wheels of ZIMTA,” said Dr Ndlovu.

“To direct is to foresee, to plan, and to execute with precision. It is in the strategic details that the success of CG is crafted. As directors both non-executive and executive, we must assemble the right teams, allocate resources wisely, and oversee the implementation of our strategy with an unwavering focus on our set objectives.”

He also noted that the journey of leading, directing, and managing must be a testament of resolve, dedication, and a reflection of unity.

Dr Ndlovu added that those in leadership positions must lead not just with authority, but with compassion; “to direct not just with strategy, but with heart and to manage with competence”.

“So, with our sights set on a horizon ripe with possibilities, let us proceed with confidence and zeal. Let us lead and direct with foresight and determination. And let us forge a future that we can all look back on with pride,” he said.


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