‘Teachers must not administer cholera supplements’

Teachers should not be forced to administer iron and folate supplements as the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education fights cholera in schools, the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Sifiso Ndlovu, has said.

Responding to reports that some teachers were railroaded to administer the supplements, Dr Ndlovu told the media that although educators were entrusted as school parents, they must not act as health experts.

Dr Ndlovu said: “Teachers also act as parents when they are at school and are therefore entrusted with all parenting duties and responsibilities.”

“The exercise should, however, be delegated to people with specific expertise and it’s unfortunate if the teachers are forced to administer iron and folate supplements without the consent of all stakeholders. Teachers are not health masters, but should focus on delivering lessons.”

Dr Ndlovu said cholera was like measles and polio. It calls on authorities to embark on vaccinations to arrest its spread, hence the need to effect that preventative measure, only on condition that the exercise will be presided over by health officials or experts.

Some experts have spoken against authorities force-marching educators to participate in health issues they have no training about.

Health officials said the issue of vaccinations must follow the proper legal procedure as “vaccinations are optional and dissemination of information to stakeholders is very important”.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MPOSE) has said it was investigating allegations of teachers reportedly told to administer supplements.

Cholera has been ravaging communities, including schools for the past months.

Health authorities have been working flat out to conquer cholera.


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