Women’s Month: ‘Females should take more leadership roles’

The Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) Deputy President Elizabeth Mahiyana says she would love to see teachers earning better salaries and their conditions of service improved, consequently restoring the educators’ dignity.

Mahiyana said as ZIMTA Deputy President, her focus will be to promote and protect the socio-economic needs and rights of the teachers.

“As a member of AWEN, an Education International committee in Africa, I will also help in advocating for Quality Public Education in Zimbabwe, and of course, as a woman leader I would promote gender equality and equity in the association, making sure that women also take up leadership positions in the organisation,” she said.

Mahiyana added that as a leader who has held several positions in ZIMTA, she is a fountain of knowledge,

“I believe that the ZIMTA member is a “king” and should be given priority in whatever should be done by the National Executive Committee. A lot of activities should be done at the grassroots to maintain and to lure more members into the organisation,” noted the ZIMTA deputy president.

But Mahiyana is not impressed by the low number of women taking up leadership positions.

She suggested that female teachers should be trained on leadership.

Mahiyana, who is the Head of Chimana Primary School in Chipinge with a Certificate in Education and a Bachelor of Education Degree in School Administration, Planning, and Policy Studies, said she initiated a successful Women’s Conference that was held in Harare.

“Many prominent and successful women leaders in Zimbabwe were invited as facilitators at this conference, and we had international guests who enjoyed the occasion,” she said.

“During my tenure of office as a Deputy President, I was elected President of SAWEN (South African Women in Education Network) and I was also elected the Representative of Education International Africa Zone 6, sitting in the EI Africa Committee. I am the President of SAWEN (South African Women in Education Network) and I am also the Advisory Committee Member in AWEN (African Women in Education Network) a sub-committee of Education International.

“I am the President-elect of the Rotary International Club (Chipinge) and also a Sub Assembly leader in AFM Church in Zimbabwe.”

Mahiyana also went down memory lane reminiscing when she became a member of ZIMTA in 1987, soon after joining Mt Selinda Primary School.

She said teachers at Mt Selinda Primary School were proud members of ZIMTA and they praised the association for fighting for better salaries and conditions of service.

“I started as a Branch Women Teacher Representative in 1988 at Mt Selinda Branch, a post I held until 1991 when I became the District Women Teacher’s Representative. From then I rose through the ranks to Provincial Advisory Committee Member, Provincial Women Teacher Representative, Provincial Secretary, and Provincial Treasurer for Manicaland.

“I then became the National Women Teacher’s Representative, a post I held until I became the ZIMTA National Deputy President in 2018 to date.”


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