About us


We are a trade union of teachers in Zimbabwe

We are a trade union of teachers in Zimbabwe with at least 45 000 educators in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces. We exist to promote the rights and interests of educators living and working in Zimbabwe. Established in 1940 and registered as an association of educators in 1942, the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association, (ZIMTA), is headquartered in Harare.

We specialise in protection of rights, representation of educators, advocacy, lobbying, campaigns and professional training for the various groups of educators within the association. ZIMTA is also affiliated to various institutions and non-governmental organisations based regionally and abroad whose goals include, promoting quality public education for all citizens.

Member services and support are accessed throughout Zimbabwe through fully equipped offices and staff resident in the 10 provinces. All structures are functional. Union representatives and organisers can be accessed in the union districts and branches at all times.

We work in solidarity and support with all who strive to make quality public education a human right and accessible to all. Teachers’ welfare issues are at the core of our activities.

Our Vision

The first choice professional association/trade union for teachers in Zimbabwe.


To promote, advance and protect the needs, interests and rights of ZIMTA members as well as advocate for quality public education.
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