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A trade union of teachers, which seeks to promote the rights and interests of educators’ living and working in Zimbabwe. Established in 1940 and registered as an association of educators in 1942, the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association,(ZIMTA), is headquartered in Harare

Mrs. Esther Gunda speaks on Climate Change Education.

Climate Change Education
in Schools

This Women’s month of March 2022, we feature Mrs. Esther Gunda (EG), the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) National Women’s representative as she unpacks the significance of International Women’s Day, a day celebrated annually on the 8th of March across the globe. ZIMTA just like most progressive entities adopted the 50:50 gender policy, to ensure the presence of gender main streaming.

Notice of ZIMTA'S 39th conference

 39th annual national conference 2023:

 10-13 DECEMBER 2023:


Notice is hereby given in terms of the Constitution, Rules and By Laws of ZIMTA clauses through of the Extra-Ordinary National Conference.
The Conference will be held from 10 — 13 December 2023 at Rainbow Towers, Harare National Conference Centre
Only accredited delegates will attend as provided for in the Constitution, Rules and By-Laws of ZIMTA, clauses 5.2.1 through5.2.1.2 and subject to clause 5.2.4.
Please accept this intimation of a duly convened Conference


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