Akuneni Maphosa Is New FEUZ President

Maphosa Elected FEUZ President

Educators to Push for Better PAY:

ZIMTA President Mr. Akuneni Maphosa is the new President of the Federation of Educators
Unions of Zimbabwe (FEUZ). Maphosa has been  elected to lead the educators group  by all the five  member  teachers’ unions in Harare.

The Federation  made up of teachers’ unions namely Zimbabwe Teachers Association, (ZIMTA), Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ), Professional
Educators Union of Zimbabwe (PEUZ) and Zimbabwe National Association of Teachers (ZINAT) held their first meeting of 2024 this February in Harare.

FEUZ represents and advocates for the rights and interests of  educators from the aforementioned unions across the country, working towards improved working conditions, fair wages and better educational policies.
By bringing together different unions under one federation, FEUZ strives to strengthen the collective bargaining of teachers.

One of the key issues discussed during the meeting was the  urgent need to convene the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) in order to address salary concerns for the teaching fraternity.

In an interview held after its first meeting of 2024, the new president, Mr. Maphosa said  “We agreed and resolved to write to the government, that there is a pressing  need to meet as NJNC and kick-start the negotiations.’

Additionally, a letter will also be send to the Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCOPSTU) to expedite the process of convening the NJNC. Mr. Maphosa also noted that the meeting tackled some constitutional matters that needed urgent attention at ZCOPSTU. In light of this, the delegates agreed to call on the Confederation
to adhere to its constitution in terms of leadership so that there will be leadership renewal. They noted that restructuring in terms of leadership within ZCOPSTU was necessary for better governance.

“We also recommended that ZCOPSTU, our confederation needs restructuring in terms of the Constitution and in terms of leadership as we have seen some leaders who have been there for quite some time. We therefore demand that restructuring be done  in line with the  constitution , said Mr. Maphosa.

The meeting also discussed internal issues within the federation, focusing on strengthening
structures, increasing revenue, and aligning with the ZCOPSTU constitution. Plans for the next
meeting include constitutional issues and subscription processes within the federation.

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